Summer of Peace and Love

Chet would not be pleased with the reduction of the phenomenon in 1967 being reduced to capitalism as the store owners on Haight have the Haight Street fair – but who did free concerts in the park? (And around the Bay Area without permits).

who was the legal counsel by consensus for occupysf?

who has been marginalized and silenced by all these people?

Silenced Belle Starr, Chet’s friend and colleague gave a worldwide offering to have a worldwide 50th anniversary of when everyone did come to San Francisco that summer:

It is posted at

Someday the artists will be remembered and the store keepers will sell products the way it was supposed to be

The Family Dog is still alive in the original diggers and youngsters (called hippies by Herb Caen) who made the scene and I, Belle Starr, was one of the first moving from Northbeach to Haight St with the opening of the Thelen’s Psychedelic Shop.

Some know the history from living it. Some produced while others destroyed the legacy of “The Flower Children”.

Some know what Janis is rumored to have written on the bathroom wall in the Big Brother and the Holding Company house and appeared on all the posters from The Avalon Ballroom:


just under the famous top hatted Indian with a smoke in his mouth.

Boots and Barry got that removed years ago and took all the earthly goods Chet had, ignoring his “ol’ lady” Judy when Chet died.

By the way, it used to be the Council of Light not Consul of Light – for the record.