Hey You Get off of my Cloud

Urban elites seldom experience the full and often negative consequences of their own ideologies. And identifying people first by race, tribe or gender – by their allegiance to their appearance rather than to the content of their characters – has rarely led anywhere but to tribalism and eventual sectarian violence.  Victor Davis Hansen San Francisco Chronicle Sunday Feb 26, 2017 page E7 (Insight)

Lookism.  If you look different from urbanite squares you must be nullified. Or is it if you look different from the rather poorly dressed youth who seem to have little style but a great amount of casualness, you must be vilified.

What is the content of the character of a hacker? I wonder because so many attacks have been made on my sites that it was and might continue to be an embarrassment.  Why this viciousness? A marijuana news site, really, guys/gals/gyls

Cloudflare  was a wildfire  and burned the net pretty well.  Some guy with an Islamic sounding name (false flag?) did some incredible gazillion hacks in a few hours.  France and Ukraine also showed up on the radar as well as SA .

What right do you have to be malicious and vicious?  Cool lives matter. Cool heads matter!

What is going on?  It is almost impossible to find refuge in the current cyber wars.  Safe Harbor should be the operative motto. Information suppression isn’t nice as it leads to asymmetrical information encounters. Read between the lines: CON JOBS

I am supporting the Electronic Frontier Foundation’s free SSL for everyone and the Letsencrypt community that is where you find how to install certbot which runs a program as does zerossl to generate everything you need except your hosting service’s cooperation.

You say you want a revolution? Wellll ya knooowwww…..how about demanding security of your privacy? Demand all hosts and servers must install certbot compliant CSR’s to get the encrypted SSL, mon!

That’s the idea behind my websites – to create  members only circles of trust. So I am ready to sudo certbot but it is difficult to find an open wifi in San Francisco or Berkeley with proper credentials and Kaspersky says everything is fine but no updates since yesterday and it can’t connect to the Kaspersky site.

But I can surf…..

And probably every keystroke is logged.

Hey, you, get off of my cloud! Ddos max attacks driven by military and nationalistic militants along with the People’s Republics and the kids are not all right, anymore.

The kids can’t read or write cursive!

But they can attack with their fingers…(I have a finger for them)…

This last week I attended the continuing education for the bar on Cannabis Law.  It was very well attended and you can access the National Cannabis Bar Association at  canbar.org as I did.  Not too much yet but if you have an intellectual property matter they have some interesting resources with the directory.

I think I will use the directory to create an alliance of lawyers to do the Rolling Stoned Tour of Cannabis Culture Today in America.

I have a few questions about reciprocity.   I have heard the TSA doesn’t check your meds and that Nevada accepts all medcards.

We have 29 states at last count and isn’t 38 the magic number to pass a constitutional amendment protecting cannabis and all herbal medicines and let people grow for their personal needs without making it a crime to buy seeds or something similar.

Perhaps the other attorneys and myself can form an International Association of Marijuana Consultants and on the trip across America do interviews with the states and the people and regulatory agencies that exist independently within each state.

Perhaps we can mediate a few important questions such as quality control…

Many years ago my father, upon seeing my fascination with the TV we had just gotten, (I was just turning 5), said, “It’s not real”, quite calmly and I remember every time I get entranced by the boob-tube that it isn’t real.

The virtual world is not real. Get over it and let’s create healthy interactions and ethical communications and leave the advertising, political persuasion or superciliousness out.

Turn on — your reason, take back reason and your will and liberate it from mere dysfunctional clever semantics and faulty premises in your logic.

Tune in — to integrity and compassion with each other as totally unique beings in a universe created from and for real bonding in love

Drop out — from division and hatred and destruction.  Learn to build new paradigms based not in lies, agendas or monetization and reward those who give rather than take.

For the 50th remembrance of The Summer of Love (and subsequent “Death of Hippie”  after Labor Day), it is  appropriate to remember Dr. Tim Leary. SMi2LE!

Is it time for an All Species Parade again? Isn’t it time to Rock again?

Full Steemit ahead!