It’s a Happening?

Even Further

Even Further


About two decades ago at UCLA one professor announced an ambitious plan to study the digital revolution as it occurred.

What journalist doesn’t  covet a chance to cover history as it happens ?

Wasn’t Edgar Rice Burroughs a reporter on the staff of the Honolulu Bulletin on the weekend of December 7, 1941?

Pioneer hippie Sharla Delacroix is attempting to gather a group of writers, photographers, participate in a quest to cover the Green Revolution in America as it goes down.

It could evolve into a documentary film, a cable TV series or a book project.

Should such an expedition star in California’s Humboldt County?

Would the site of Virginia City, Nevada’s Red Dog Saloon be a better jumping off point?

Will legalization of pot mean that marijuana will lose it’s outlaw luster for rebels?

Are pro-pot pieces of journalism called puff pieces?

Such a pot quest would require a publicity magnet vehicle, a charismatic Neal Cassidy type driver/tour guide, a well-planned itinerary and some quant and curious rest stops plus a generous portion of serendipity.

If all goes as planned, the pot revolution bus tour during Donald Trump’s (first?) term in office will provide a tsunami of material. If not, just vicariously following the quest should provide some amusement value for armchair Don Quixote.

Should “El Jefe” sell seats on the bus or … what?

Is it true that the Trip Commandante has such a fine/educated sense of smell that the concept of being a sommelier of smoke is appropriate? (Will Lloyd’s insure that proboscis for a million dollars.)

Should Green Turtle be asked about bus rentals?

If readers are interested in participating in the adventure please use the comments section to indicate your level of interest.

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