Storm Warning in Oakland


Darwin BondGraham reports in the new issue of The East Bay Express page 8, May 10-16, 2017,   that Oakland Police are miscategorizing pot arrests as narcotics. The category used is  Narcotics (Methamphetamine and Heroin) and/or marijuana.

Marijuana arrests are up and hidden under narcotics and/or  marijuana status when only 5% of auto stops yielded bona fide narcotics.


Another disturbing bit of information, from Susan Cohen, in this weeks issue is the new guidelines in the Medical Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act limits the strength of edibles to less than 10 mg/serving. You can comment directly to her at

So get your 10 mg KushNuts before they are outregulated. My marshmallows are definitely now going to be contraband.

Last tidbit is don’t miss the Medical Marijuana Farmer’s Market at in Oakland. Sample some edibles or vape around the market May 20 9am to 5pm.  Bud and Breakfast!

Happy Mother”s Day