Oh, Wow!

It is truly amazing doing these sites.  It appears the attacks have not decreased but seem to be stopped!!!!

Check GreenRushGeneralStore.net daily as I keep adding to the directory but if you want a nice graphic etcetera you will have to do this for yourself.

The concept is to start memberships (free and on up) so big business has a real place to advertise and YOU don’t have to subscribe to every magazine and spend your time flipping pages-now let your “fingers” do the “walking”.

Then, if you want to supply fulfillment I will advertise through our private store at extraordinaryremedies.com and sell and ship all over the world! The cannabis revolution is revolutionizing tech growing and the entire world will do better whether you grow cannabis or any ag product for food, medicine, textile or ???

Uruguay has $52 ounces…ai, chihuahua! Vamanous ayer ahora!

The DEA and Sessions….nothing but dilatory roadblocking reefer madness idiots who refuse logic and science. Tobacco should be Schedual I not Cannabis (they called it marihuana to dis the Mexicans. Nice folks, let them take rat poison instead of Vitamin K and get out of the way).

California is going to give temp 4 month licenses so marijuana can be supplied and not get too scarce while regs are vetted by actual real world dispensaries and their consumers.

In Maine edibles are the bomb (sorry, I know that might be insensitive) garnering 2 million in sales.

Washington may be ready for our House Pot Parties a la tupperware party motifs.  Swag bags, edibles front and center….women don’t just grow-we HEAL!

I had better get back to work…gotta get the VIP lounge up soon, eh, Ganja-gang?!

Donate to the hurricane victims and forget the gender of the winds!