Do you believe in Magic (or Science)?

Trump is my president but not necessarily my friend.

How will Mr. Sessions and President Trump receive the new Marijuana scientific propaganda that says it may or may not affect so many conditions.  After all, it is confusing to be told about limited evidence supporting schedule one standings but then coupled with no evidence of affect in the same vein, ie, it increases motor accidents but there is no evidence of it doing so as well as being useful for PTSD but again not really but we just don’t know so we guess a lot.

See the report and download at

Your guess is said to be as good as mine but there is no conclusive proof of that or global warming so we just accept the weather changing daily and scoring weather reports as useful or totally off the wall and look out the window.

Unless you look at the study that says there is limited proof of such but no conclusive proof of the same.

Blinded by Science seems to fit the pundit’s commentary on this factually deficient wish fulfillment by the government paying for what it wants to hear and then teach you and then test you and grade you.  Failure is only a state of bias or biased by the state.

I like scientific method and am amused by magic. How about you?

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  1. Are you implying that the “TRUMPER” will legalize pot throughout the entire US of A ? MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN !

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