So Long, Bob Patterson….

Here I am as the only reporter again.  Mr. Patterson hasn’t been in touch or submitting anything for nearly six months, so we are hoping some new reporters will want to write about marijuana here.

I will leave the Smoke Signals column up but will miss his unique outlook –  his support for people (Bruce the  Caitlyn Jenner who isn’t anything but a transvestite competing with his wife and daughters and now thinks he can b e a father…suppose he really had a “sex” change? I don’t.) and B&D so I think he is finding more outlets that agree with his opinions and so we wish him success.

Submit something? or leave a comment.

Updating all the problems now facing us is very daunting as most just want to oppose Jeff Sessions but no one visits those in jail for doing so over all the years.  How can we get support when the current zeitgeist is “too bad you got caught why don’t you just give everything to me for free….”.

Why should any activist just support the ones who don’t want to “pay their dues” or even what we used to call social taxes given to the poor on the streets.

Instead, as I get older I think I realize we need to create community pods where people can help each other.  I often have felt we need a zocalo style community-a few individual places with a common internal park for safety and socializing while having a door to the outside for full independence.

A group like this could put their land and goods into such a plan particularly if other pods allowed for exchanges and some travel for people to have vacations as they get older.

Cannabis minded folks could be insulated from bothering people who don’t want anything to do with it but being protected in using the medicine as we feel best without affecting those outside our groups.  The older I get the more I realize I need others.  I hope this idea takes wings.

To help this along I have made it clear than my land in Ocean View, Hawaii can handle some like-minded people.  Perhaps a free vacation to see if it is a fit is a good start.  If it is, then a life estate is possible.

Perhaps we can start with a Puna community to set aside medico-religious cannabis grows for us working together and places to stay when we go to other parts of our beautiful island and islands!

Perhaps we can have a pod in Ecuador or Canada or even Uruguay? It all depends on whether you are planning to take your goods with you when you die.  I fear that may be more a consideration as Fukushima destroys the northern hemisphere and couldn’t sell my property to someone who was in the dark about the problems we face but are no talked about.

If we need to live in denial at least we can die together when the times get to nature readjusting the planet despite our dreams and hopes.

Let’s not be scared into inaction but realize our major occupation has to be to comfort each other – rejoice in everyone’s joys and cry together when we are suffering-building houses together and gardens together and helping educate others on semi-communal living where I don’t get everything at the end nor does anyone else but that we leave it to our children, especially those as yet unborn.

This is the real renaissance of the GreenRush and agriculture. natural communities with love and a desire for peaceful coexistence.